Grays and cool tones are a popular paint option when redecorating.

A fresh coat of paint can brighten a room or add depth to your space, and there are certain colors that have become more popular than others.

Justin Myers, owner of Heartland Paint and Decorating, said white is a go-to color for many people.

“White has definitely been a staple in the past four or five years, very popular,” he said. “Some of the most popular whites we do are White Dove, Simply White and Chantilly Lace, which are pretty universal around the interior, exterior or the entire home.”

Gray also has become a popular choice for painters and decorators.

“Gray is pretty much the mainstay for a lot of people, and there’s a lot of variations in gray and you can really choose the one that best suits you,” Myers said.

For utility rooms, Myers said cool tones are preferred by consumers.

“The blues and the greens have become more popular for auxiliary areas like your kitchen, your bathrooms, your laundry rooms,” Myers said. “You can mix those colors with white and it’s pretty refreshing and easy to use.”

If you want a room to look larger, Myers recommends using white.

“Whites have also been used on walls especially in small spaces because people feel that they really need to open up that space so they brighten it up by painting the walls white,” he said.

If you’re looking for a color you’ll be able to decorate over in the future, muted colors are a safe option.

“Some tones have a color characteristic called a mutation where they are not overwhelming. They’re not crisp and clean, but people can still decorate around them and then you don’t draw specifically to one color,” Myers said.

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