Summer is still in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planting fall vegetables in your garden.

Larry Werthmuller, a volunteer master gardener with MU Extension, said there are multiple cold weather vegetables that you can plant now.

“You got the cabbages brassicas, so that’d be the cabbage, the broccoli and the cauliflower. Then in addition to that, you’ve got root crops such as turnips, radishes and beets,” Werthmuller said. “You also have leafy greens, which consists of the loose type salads.”

Werthmuller said there are pros to planting these vegetables before the fall season.

“You’re going to have a cooler season once the plant gets a little bit bigger and so you can harvest it early and not worry about it getting cold,” he said.

If you do plan on planting later, Werthmuller recommends preparing to keep your crops dry.

“They call these cold-weather crops, and if you use a row crop cover or a blanket you can get an extra four or five degrees protection,” he said. “So you can go down to 27 or 28 degrees and still be all right, and we figure our freeze date as Oct. 10, so that’s why you plant early so you can harvest early if you want.”

Some fall vegetables such as green beans can take a longer time to grow fully.

“Green beans specifically have about a 55-day cycle to reach maturity, so that’s why it’s important to do your research when you decide to plant some of these fall vegetables,” Werthmuller said.

Seeds for fall and seasonal vegetables can be found at your local home and garden store. For more information on when to plant and which vegetables are in season, reach out to Buchanan County MU Extension online at

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