Understanding what your anger is stemming from can aid in calming down.

Anger is an emotion that many experience at least on occasion.

Drew Fisher, LPC, owner of Fisher Counseling services, hosts anger management courses and said there are a number of ways to handle your anger, especially when dealing with those who are close to you.

“We’re going to be really upset with those that matter the most,” Fisher said.

He said one step in controlling your anger is analyzing the source.

“To some degree, anger is kind of like the spider sense, and it’s important for us to really kind of take a step back and really explore what are these things that are really kind of igniting within us,” Fisher said.

Fisher said when we get angry, it’s hard for the brain to process anything else that is going on.

“When we get really worked up and angry, we kind of lose access to the frontal lobe,” he said. “This is an important part of our brain where a lot of executive functions happen, and our ability to understand abstract thoughts, language and all that stuff kind of goes out the window. When we get angry we rely on this more primitive part of the brain.”

Katie McAndrews, a licenced counselor at Fisher Counseling Services, said anger is a normal emotion and can be a healthy one if dealt with in a safe manner.

“We obviously don’t want someone yelling, screaming and being abusive or violent towards someone else,” she said. That’s not to say that you can ever be angry either.”

There several ways to deal with your anger in a healthy manner.

“Number one, we need to come down from that initial reaction. That can be something as simple as taking a break, talking a walk or taking deep breaths,” McAndrews said.

McAndrews said everyone has his or her own way of calming down, but pinpointing what works for you personally is key in cooling off when you experience anger.

“Everyone kind of has different tricks that helps them calm down. Then once we’re calm, we can then address what got us so upset in the first place,” McAndrews said.

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