Registered nurse Amber Hutchcraft, was not expecting to receive Mosaic’s 2019 Nurse of the Year Award when she attended a ceremony to support her fellow colleagues.

“It was a surprise. I was one of 60-plus nurses who are nominated for the award. There were several categories, and the nurse of the year was the final award,” Hutchcraft said.

Hutchcraft, who works in the ICU at Mosaic Life Care, also helps out with other departments in the hospital.

“I am one of the rapid-response nurses who responds to all the emergencies on the floors and in the E.D. and work closely with the physicians during bedside emergencies. I also fill in and the bronchoscopy lab here and there,” Hutchcraft said. “I like the variety.”

Hutchcraft has been in the medical field since 2011 and had a different career prior to attending nursing school at Missouri Western State University.

“I had another career in customer service, and knew I always wanted to go into nursing,” Hutchcraft said. “I just had a family and did things a little different order. Now I’m here doing what I love.”

She said her love of caring for other people is a part of what brought her to the nursing field.

“If you are a caring person and just want to serve people then I think it’s built in you,” Hutchcraft said. “Ultimately, that calling is what brought me here, and so for me to get the award just reinforces what I’ve always wanted to do.”

She said it’s not one specific thing that makes being a nurse rewarding for her, but a variety of factors.

“I enjoy just about everything from the nitty-gritty to, you know, seeing the patients walk out of the hospital and going home to their families to holding their hand when their last breaths are taken to comforting families,” Hutchcraft said.

She has worked at Mosaic Life Care since 2009, starting as a unit care secretary and a patient care associate part time before starting in the cardiothoracic unit in 2011 upon completing nursing school.

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