Laura Maddox stands next to the 3-D mammogram machine at Mosaic Life Care.

Mosaic Life Care has a new tool in the fight against breast cancer.

Laura Maddox recently had a mammogram using the new 3-D machine at Mosaic Life Care. She said she feels more confident with a 3-D image in comparison to other mammograms she’s had in the past.

“I’ve had lots of mammographies, and the new 3-D that they did, we compared the pictures from my previous (one) and they’re just clear,” Maddox said. “You can see everything so much better. ... it’s just night-and-day difference.”

The 3-D machine has been at Mosaic since April. Maddox, an ultrasound technician at the hospital, said she prefers the best equipment when it comes to mammograms.

“It’s definitely got to be top of the line. You always want the best equipment no matter what to do your imaging because that’s where you get the best results,” Maddox said.

For Maddox, being able to have fast results gives her a peace of mind.

“It was quick to get my results and especially when you’ve had an issue before, you have anxiety that something else could be there,” Maddox said.

Since Maddox has had several mammograms in the past, she believes it is best to be invested in your health.

“You have to be proactive about your health, you have to do it and get it done because if you don’t ... if I didn’t get it done, then who knows where I would be at this point,” Maddox said.

To learn more about 3-D imaging or Mosaic’s breast clinic, visit mymosaiclifecare.org.

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