A bucket of fresh asparagus from Drydale Farms sits on a table at the Pony Express Farmer’s Market in the East Hills Parking Lot last Wednesday.

There are plenty of ways to cook up something good with homegrown seasonal vegetables such as green onions, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini at this time of year.

Lula Drydale, owner of Drydale Farms and a vendor at the Pony Express Farmer’s Market, said she has tried cooking asparagus in a variety of ways, from soup to on the summer grill.

“We’ve made it every way but loose. I put in soup. I’ve put it on the grill. I cooked it in a skillet and it’s all good. My husband just loves it,” Drydale said.

If you enjoy grilling but are trying to choose healthy options, marinated asparagus is a nice alternative.

“Wrap it in foil and you can dress it up with whatever you like,” Drydale said.

Seasoning for grilled asparagus can be as simple as olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

If you are cooking, grilling, steaming or baking asparagus the shelf life for it is five to seven days refrigerated.

You also can grill other homegrown vegetables such as onions, bell peppers and zucchini.

Drydale said green onions also have a variety of uses.

“I grow green onions and I prefer those as chives for salads, soups, baked potatoes and casseroles,” she said. “My husband prefers them raw, but they really go with anything that you want a little flavor to.”

Raw onions also can be incorporated in dips or sauces.

“These onions are also really easy to put in your veggie or chip dip for parties or at home,” Drydale said.

Green onions do not need to be cooked and can be consumed raw. They should be stored in a plastic bag and can be kept refrigerated for one to two weeks.

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