Salsa is a classic summer favorite and easy to make at home with ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro, sugar, salt and lime juice.

Larry Werthmuller, who leads salsa workshops, said that while tomatoes are the main ingredients of salsa, you can add others.

“In addition to tomatoes, you can make salsa out of any type of beans or black beans and corn. You can make it out of tomatillos and then it’s called salsa verde,” Werthmuller said.

He said adding fruit to salsa can give it a different and refreshing flavor.

“You could use mangoes or pineapple, but the ingredients that are all in common will be the cilantro and lime juice. The fruit adds a different type of flavor,” Werthmuller said. “In terms of flavor, sweet and hot pair together very well, so a mango habenero salsa would be a good flavor.”

When you’re making your own homemade salsa, Werthmuller said it’s best to add tomatoes last to the mix.

“You start out with your coarser products first. In other words, you’ll put your peppers, cilantro and your onions in first and you get them going in a chopper or a blender because the tomatoes don’t take a whole lot to chop up and it’s the last thing to get added,” Werthmuller said.

Homemade salsa is best enjoyed if it is used within the first week.

“If you are making your own salsa, it definitely tastes best if you eat it within four to five days,” Werthmuller said.

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