There are healthier alternatives for pasta dishes available at your local grocery store.

Pasta is a delicious item that creates favorites such as lasagna, chicken fettuccine Alfredo, pasta salad and macaroni and cheese, but it doesn’t fit all diets.

Jessi Behr, local manager of Profile by Sanford, said there are pasta alternatives for those looking to eat healthier, with options including wheat pasta, zucchini pasta, spaghetti squash and spinach pasta.

“There is like a veggie pasta that you can get right in the spaghetti aisle or the wheat pasta is another great choice. It kind of just depends on what lifestyle you’re going for and what you’re trying to look for in your macros,” Behr said.

Veggie pasta includes pasta made out of zucchini and squash.

“You can make chicken Alfredo in a few different forms that are healthy. We use zucchini noodles or ‘zoodles’ and it’s a lot better than the pasta that you have,” Behr said.

Beet pasta is also another option using veggies.

“Beets are also a great alternative for pasta dishes, and you can mix it with other veggie pasta,” Behr said.

Wheat or whole-grain pasta is another healthier option.

“Wheat pasta is healthier than your white pastas,” Behr said.

There are also healthier ways to season dishes like chicken Alfredo.

“We also use a bit of chicken broth when cooking the zucchini noodle to flavor it. Then instead of using sauce you can add a little bit of Laughing Cow cheese wedge to make it creamy and then a little bit of pepper and cilantro,” Behr said.

She said there are a lot of hidden sugars and added calories in sauces.

“There’s a lot of things in the sauce such as sugar and added fats, but you can always use real cheese or veggies such as pepper, tomatoes and seasoning. It’s not as thick as a sauce and a little easier to portion out,” Behr said.

Pasta alternatives such as veggie and wheat pastas can be found at local grocery stores.

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