Lore Teschner remembers working at Pizza Royal, 5723 Lake Ave., when she was 15 years old.

“It’s the same recipes, same sauce, even some of the same pans,” she said of the restaurant today.

Now the owner and manager, Teschner said Pizza Royal has become sort of a family business.

Founded by two brothers in 1970 in St. Joseph’s South Side, Pizza Royal was purchased by Teschner’s brother six years later. He ran it until 1990, and Teschner and her husband purchased the restaurant in 1991, followed soon after by remodels to make the environment more comfortable for families.

And aside from offering classic-style pizzas as well as a few other items, the restaurant’s biggest draw may just be its interior decorations.

From posters and old copies of the St. Joseph News-Press to a hanging guitar and Pac-Man machine all illuminated by dim, yellow lights, Teschner said she takes pride in the space.

“A lot of these things here people have given me,” she said. “They feel like they want to be part of Pizza Royal, so they bring in things that they’ve grown up with or high-school memorabilia that made them feel special, so we try to make them feel special. We consider them our family.”

Pizza Royal has hosted receptions, get-togethers and prenuptial events for nearly 50 years, and Teschner said weekends tend to be the restaurant’s busiest days. She also said she and her staff do their best to make people feel welcome in the space.

“We just try and get to know people when they come in: who they are, where they came from and what they like,” she said.

And while Pizza Royal has been in the same location for nearly half a century, Teschner said she hopes to see more business in the South Side in the future.

“We keep things kind of simple down here, and that’s enough for us,” she said.

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