Dips can be made using extra herbs in your garden or with prepackaged mixed dips as pictured at Frederich’s Market.

If you don’t know what to do with the leftover vegetables or herbs in your garden, creating a homemade dip could be the perfect way to go.

Frederich’s Market co-owner Nicole Radke said that while you can use a package to make a dip, creating your own custom version for veggies, chips, bread or pasta with items from your backyard garden gives you control over what you’re eating.

“It’s nice to use a package when you can because it’s convenient, but you can use fresh herbs out of your garden. A lot of people grow in the summer and then they end up with all these extra herbs, things like basil, rosemary and thyme,” Radke said.

If you’re looking for a sweeter-tasting dip, Radke said that there are simple items you can add.

“Cinnamon is good if you want to go to the sweet side, and you can also add honey as well,” Radke said.

Starting with dairy or something creamy is the best option for a homemade dip.

“... You can do like mayo or cream cheese, but you can also do mascarpone cheese, which is not such a strong flavor like cream cheese. Goat cheese also adds a good flavor,” Radke said.

While dip usually is associated with chips, Radke said you can use it for flavoring in a variety of dishes.

“You can add it to your meats or your chicken by just using it as a spread or on top,” she said. “You could add it to your pasta or put it on your bagel and so there’s more options than just chips and crackers for your dips.”

If you don’t have a garden, ingredients for homemade dip can be found at the grocery store or local farmers’ markets.

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