If you’re looking for easy, refreshing dish for the summer then ceviche may be the way to go. Ceviche is a Peruvian seafood dish that is cured in lime juice and salt instead of cooked with your choice of fish such as Mahi-mahi, swai fish, halibut or flounder.

“You can use shrimp, scallops or other types of seafood. It’s basically fish that has been de-natured using lime juice or lemon juice, and salt. That’s the cooking process, instead of actually using the heat, you’re using acid to do the cooking process,” said chef Jaylon Sybert, owner of The Ugly Duck Supper Club.

If you want more flavoring for your ceviche, you can use a Peruvian mixture called Tiger’s Blood.

“Basically what that consists of is either a fish stock or a clam stock, ginger, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeños or other types of peppers, and celery. So that’s kind of a flavoring agent that goes along with the salt and lime,” Sybert said.

Sybert said you also can use your leftover ceviche for fish tacos.

“Fish tacos are pretty simple. You can use leftover ceviche to create a fish taco or you can use grilled fish. Fish tacos also are really good with fruit salsas. The sweetness compliments the salty flavors,” said Sybert.

A fruit salsa consists of a fruit of your choice with peppers and herbs.

“What we’ve been doing lately is a mango salsa, which is just mango, cilantro, Spanish onion, a little bit of jalapeño, lime juice and salt. Pineapple or strawberries are also refreshing for summer,” said Sybert.

Ingredients for fish tacos can be found at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

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