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Darcees dancers Tayley Shewmaker, Alexis Dunwoodie, Maycee Skeen, Krimzyn Blanchard and Troy Pottorf competed at Edge National Talent competition in Wichita, Kansas.

Students from Darcees School of Dance recently traveled to Wichita, Kansas, to compete in the Edge National Talent competition. Over two days they competed in several levels and divisions.

Solo divisions

In the 8-and-under division taking Miss Edge and top overall in the competitive level was Alexis Dunwoodie. Kaylynn Chaney took second and also received a judge’s special award. Bryler Shelton took top overall in the intermediate level. In the novice division, taking top overall was Kya Cook.

In the 9-12 competitive division, named Miss Edge and taking second overall was Krimzyn Blanchard. Top overall was Kendall Weiser. In the intermediate level, taking top overall was Molly Lund. Annaleise Smith took second in the novice level.

Maycee Skeen took Miss Edge and second overall in the teen level. Top overall was Payton Dixon. In the intermediate level, taking top overall was Lauren Rauer.

In the competitive senior level, taking top overall and named Miss Edge was Tayley Shewmaker. Aliyah Anderseon took second and received a judge’s award. In the intermediate level, taking top overall was Olivia Furlong.

Duet division

Top overall duets were Maycee Skeen and Payton Dixon; Lauren Rauer and Krimzyn Blanchard; Lauren Rauer and Blakli Swope; Chloe Wheeler and Ta’vaiyah Hughes; Tayley Shewmaker and Maycee Skeen; and Avery Keller and Bryler Shelton.

Several students were chosen to be on the Edge Competitive Team to perform this summer. They were: London Ray, Aliyah Anderson, Olivia Furlong, Tayley Shewmaker, Alexis Dunwoodie, Kaylynn Chaney, Bryler Shelton, Payton Dixon, Emma Weiland, Krimzyn Blanchard, Kendall Weiser, Molly Lund, Abbi Huff, Presleigh Ford, Tori Hawk, Ella Brown, Avery Keller, Trinleigh Smith, Cece Lane, Troy Pottorf, Braylee Brown, Lynde Joyce, Kinser Beaver, Saylor Ray, Mckenzie Black, Lauren Rauer and Maycee Skeen.

The studio was chosen for overall best sportsmanship of the weekend. Choregraphy award winners were Darcee Blanchard, Lynnsie Johnson and Tayley Shewmaker. The overall group of the weekend included Emma Weiland, Tayley Shewmaker, Maycee Skeen and Payton Dixon.

The studio will continue to compete, ending in Tennessee this summer. Heading the competitive team are coaches Darcee Blanchard, Lynnsie Johnson, Fredric Farmer, Cailyn Anderson, Tayley Shewmaker and Hadley Joyce.