For the 2019 holiday gifting season, Woodcraft offers a list of products to make some of the most essential woodworking and DIY activities easier, plus an intriguing wood model.

For the 2019 holiday gifting season, Woodcraft offers a list of products to make some of the most essential woodworking and DIY activities easier, plus an intriguing wood model.

Cutting and Clamping

Whether you're crosscutting boards to length, ripping them to width or cutting plywood sheets and large panels down to size, Kreg's Adaptive Cutting System offers options to make cutting chores easier. The Plunge Saw and 62" Guide Track paired in the Saw Plus Guide Kit are the basic components, while the Project Table Top and Base and a host of accessories are available to increase cutting capacity and performance.

Gyokucho Razorsaw Ryoba No 610 is a double-edged saw rip teeth on one cutting edge and crosscut teeth on the other that can handle anything from cutoff work to ripping a panel.

ZHEN Stainless Steel Scissors feature a serrated edge for retaining sharpness and a large gullet to prevent slipping when cutting thick items. In addition, the scissors double as a wire cutter and opener for bottles, twist lids and paint cans.

Ehoma Parallel Jaw Clamps offer large parallel clamping surfaces for the most demanding projects. Available in 24", 31", 40" and 50" sizes, the clamp has rounded corners to prevent damage to a workpiece. Easily convert it into a spreader.

Shaping and Sanding

WoodRiver Butt Chisels, available in a 4-piece set, are shorter and good for installing butt hinges and trimming small edges. But they also work well in confined spaces, such as corners, which makes cleaning joints easier for work on cabinets, desks, and other complex furniture.

The WoodRiver Low Angle Block Plane's adjustable mouth is easy to operate and allows fine-tuning for work ranging from coarse to whisper thin shavings when shaping wood.

Norton's 5" Random Orbital Sander is perfect for any shop. Equipped with a 2.0-amp motor, it generates 12,500 orbits per minute, providing a 3/32" orbit that helps make quick work of most sanding projects.

Drilling and Fastening

WoodRiver 100-Piece Combo Brad-Point and Twist Drill Bit Set includes six to ten each of 14 bit sizes ranging from 1/16" to 5/16", packaged in a metal case.

Whether you're boring shelf pin holes in a new entertainment center or adding adjustable shelving in a cabinet, the Kreg 32mm Shelf Pin Jig with 1/4" Drill Bit will help get the job done quickly and accurately. A 5mm bit version is also available.

WoodRiver 24-in-1 Screwdriver Bit Set is the perfect solution for loosening and tightening some of the smallest fasteners required for camera, radio, computer, cell phone, and household appliance repairs. A 5" aluminum handle drives the 24 bits.

Sharpening, Measuring and Marking

The handheld, motorized Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener sharpens any knife, as well as scissors, garden shears, lawn mower blades and more.

The WoodRiver 10" Diamond Stone 1,200-grit and 400-grit diamond coated metal plates embedded on opposite sides is perfect for preliminary shaping, beveling chisels and plane blades, sharpening knives, and touching up turning tools.

Woodpeckers Edge Rules, available in a 4-Piece Set, wrap around the edges of stock to give you accurate scales on both sides. Short side is just 3/8" wide, allowing you room to mark stock as thin as 7/16". The long side reaches 3/4" across the face. Comes in four sizes: 6", 12", 24", 36". Woodpeckers Edge Rule Stop and storage Rack-IT available separately.

Pica 6060 BIG DRY Construction Marker is a pencil with push button automatic lead feed that can use Graphite, Stonemason, Colored, and Carpenter lead refills designed for use on many different surfaces.

Books and Models

Books are excellent sources for project ideas and instructions. Birdhouses, Boxes & Feeders for the Backyard Hobbyist offers 19 birdhouse and feeder projects, plus related information.

Now for some fun without electronics! Assemble the UGears 3-D Mechanical Etui Box Model Kit from beautiful wood pieces without any glue or tools. The box in the base will hold small items like business cards or coins, while the amazing display of gear mechanisms on top is a sure conversation starter. Other UGears models are also available.

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