You're merely weeks away from bridal shower day. If you're getting nervous, excited or just don't know what to expect, hopefully these tips will prepare you for one of the most relaxing parts of the wedding planning process.

Maybe your friends will shower you at a nail salon, day spa or quaint coffee shop. It might be at your best friend's house. Whether it's brunch, lunch or an afternoon tea, the setting will be laid back, bright and cheery with people you love.

A bridal shower, if you're new to the game, is typically hosted by one of your bridesmaids or someone from your bridal party. Between 20 to 50 guests may attend. Usually this is a female-only party, unless specifically noted as co-ed in the invitations.

(This might be your only shower, or you may also have a bridal shower thrown by only co-workers or immediate and extended family, separate from friends.)

Most showers include snacks and refreshments, desserts, wine or mimosas and a few ice-breaker games. Be prepared to share a few fun facts about yourself and your relationship (and some good laughs!) through silly games.

Opening presents actually will take up a bulk of the party time. The bride will be seated front-and-center while a designated guest hands her gifts to open. Another friend will keep track of what she receives so she can write thank-you notes before wedding planning gets hectic.

Most importantly, try to relax and enjoy the day. Your friends are excited to shower you with gifts and well wishes.