Joey May

March is one of my favorite months, not just because my daughter was born on the 2nd, or that it's a holiday for my family (lots of Irish here) on the 17th, but there is something special about the feel of spring. I love to take walks in my hometown of Hiawatha, Kansas, down around the square. I take photos of flowers blooming, inhale the smell of the lilac bushes around the corner and watch the squirrels at play. I love each season for a special reason, and for spring it's because it is a renewing, a refreshing of the land after a long, long winter.

— Joey May


Carole Dunn

Let's face it, there are things you know you should do for yourself but are sometimes bad at doing, like eating right and exercise. One thing I'm pretty terrible at doing is taking off my makeup before going to bed. My saving grace has always been Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser. I think I've probably used it since the 1990s and it's the one consistent beauty product I've ever used. It's great at removing makeup without feeling like it's stripping your skin, and since it's oil-free, it doesn't make you feel greasy or over-moisturized. At only $4 to $5 for a tube that will last you for months, it's very affordable.

— Carole Dunn