I have stomach issues and I'm stubborn. I refuse to completely switch my diet to things that won't hurt my tummy. So when I cheat and eat something I shouldn't, I drink kombucha. These drinks are strong. By strong, I mean a heavy flavor of ginger. Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s naturally effervescent with probiotics, amino acids, polyphenols and active enzymes. I've tried a bunch of different brands and flavors but I'm stuck on GT's Organic & Raw Synergy in the Gingerberry flavor. 

- Jenn Hall

I am a bit of an anomaly in this day and age … I don’t have cable or Wi-Fi at home, so my TV watching is limited to what I receive via antenna. I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover the DABL (pronounced ‘dabble') network coming to me over the air. Launched just this September by the CBS Corporation. (Note: NPG Co., which publishes Josephine, is also a local CBS affiliate and carries DABL.) DABL is a lifestyle channel which “includes popular shows from the libraries of household names including Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse and Cesar Millan,” according to their self description. That’s right, if you are a fan of the original Martha Stewart Living family of shows, this network has them all. Her timeless advice on cooking, crafting, decorating, hosting and more has certainly withstood the test of time and the episodes are great entertainment (especially the Halloween episodes!). I also enjoy DABL's repeats of decade-old or more decorating / rehab shows like “Sell This House,” “Find & Design” and “Flip This House.” While I’m not much into the pet-themed shows or newer talk-style programs rounding out the network, the overall channel is certainly worth checking out. You can locally find this channel over-the-air on 30.2.

- Carole Dunn