Dana Plowman, a multimedia marketing consultant at the News-Press, was sporting some amazing hologram or chrome nails. Her mother had them done and told her they came in pink, so, of course, she was all over it. Dana goes to Kevin's Nails by Hobby Lobby.

The application is time consuming. The first step is a base color, sometimes more than one coat, then they apply two different kinds of rubbing powder with a tip applicator. The top coat is applied after some ultralight.

"Voila, you are nail-fab and ready to show your sparkle!" Dana says. "Don't ever let anyone dull your spark."

Amy Vohl had on the best mix of vintage, plaids and animal prints. Vohl, who owns Gypsy's Jewelry & Gifts, was dressed in items found at her store except for her shoes. 

“We like your style” is a feature that showcases fashion, makeup, hairstyles or anything that happens to catch the eyes of our staffers while we see you out and about. We will share a few of our favorites on this page each month.