Sad you didn’t get an invitation to Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween party once again? Time to throw your own! Here’s how to throw a party that will haunt your guests’ dreams until Christmas:

Theme or no theme? A theme can be a fun way to make your party extra special. First, take stock of any Halloween decorations you already own and you may see a theme emerging. Be aware that if you own a random assortment of spooky accessories and want to throw a theme party, you’ll have to buy or craft a fair amount of decorations. We’re thinking an alien theme in honor of Raid Area 51 could make for a party out of this world!

Check thrift and dollar stores: Seasonal chain store like Halloween Express and Spirit Hallowen are the best option for large animatronics and costumes, but don’t forget to look around dollar stores, thrift stores and drugstores. Often, you can find a surprisingly big assortment of decorations and accessories at a lower price point. Attention to small details like orange and black plastic cups and napkins will elevate the party.

Invite guests early: The weekend before Halloween is often a flurry of spooky and fall-themed events, so make sure to give your guests plenty of notice.

Make punch: Pinterest has thousands of recipes for perfectly styled Halloween cocktails in elaborately decorated glasses. Unless you’re throwing a small party, you probably won’t have time to keep making single drinks throughout the night. You can either prepare a limited amount of drinks before guests arrive or make it easier on yourself and offer punch. Fill and freeze a latex glove for a hand-shaped ice cube, which will look great in a punch bowl filled with sangria. Or drop a few food-safe glow sticks in a drink dispenser filled with margaritas for a glowing green drink.

Serve snacks: Serve one homemade treat like hot dogs cut to look like severed fingers or Rice Krispies treats shaped and colored to look like candy corn in addition to store-bought Halloween candy and orange-and-black tortilla chips for an impressive yet easy Halloween buffet.

Don’t forget the music! What’s a Halloween party without the "Monster Mash?" If you don’t want to create a playlist from scratch, check Spotify for plenty of spooky playlists.

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