We share so much with our pets: relaxing walks in the park, our cozy couch and even occasional snacks. But before you reach for that bite of food to share, consider this list of potential dangers to your dog or cat’s digestion.


When settling down for the evening after a stressful work week, it’s easy to leave your glass of wine within reach of your four-legged companion. Make sure they don’t get a sip.

Bread dough

It’s unlikely you’d intentionally toss a piece of dough to your pets, but make sure it’s out of their reach.


The most commonly known danger for dogs is chocolate.

Grapes and raisins

While these might seem harmless, make sure your toddler doesn’t throw a few of these to their furry siblings.

Macadamia nuts

This snack food, commonly hidden in baked goods, can be toxic for dogs.


A high amount of this food can be toxic to your dog or cat.


Most commonly found in chewing gum, this ingredient can be fatal to your canine. Make sure it is completely out of reach.


While great for us, this healthy snack is not so healthy for our pets.


While not toxic for your dog, this fruit can cause gastrointestinal issues.

To check on other potential harmful foods, visit the ASPCA and PETA websites.