Entertainment and making memories are big part of any wedding reception. What a great opportunity to incorporate a fun photo booth. While there are companies that can man the entire thing for you, it’s something you can create yourself.

Most photo backdrops start off the same. Each uses a stand of sorts with PVC pipes and joints. If the backdrop is heavy, use actual pipe or heavier PVC. Just don’t forget to set up a tripod for your guests to set their phones on to take the pictures.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The grassy floral wall with orphan chairs or a couch:

You can find area rugs or rolls of grass carpet at almost any home-improvement store or big-box retailer. Find a super lightweight material and cut to fit the dimensions of your backdrop stand. Remember to allow for a little overhang.

Pick out some artificial flowers. You can find them just about anywhere from discount to craft or thrift stores. Cut the flowers and assemble at the top of the backdrop to hang about a fourth of the way down the grass.

You can add old chairs, a couch, balloons or letters to spell out the bride and groom's names or initials.

A whimsical wall:

Using streamers, curtains or tulle, simply drape the material off your stand and, voila, instant backdrop. Add flowers and ribbon for an extra touch.