When Samantha Fuson started college, she envisioned having a career in the nutrition or dental field. Two years later, she is running a successful online boutique.

Springfield Jeans, also known as Springy Jeans, started almost by accident when the Missouri State University student wore a pair of her own jeans out and about.

"I had worn a pair of vintage Levi’s that my boyfriend Elijah (Baig), who is the other co-owner, and I distressed to an event on campus and had tons of people asking me to make them some," Fuson said.

Fuson began selling jeans through a college Facebook group, but demand began taking off when she created an Instagram page. The boutique, which sells vintage denim and tops from the 1970s through the early 2000s, is now Fuson and Baig's full-time job.

"We both had no intention of starting a business, and like to say it just fell into our laps," Fuson said.

Finding a balance between school and managing a growing business took some practice.

"Some challenges we noticed were sourcing the clothing to match our high demand, managing school and a full-time business, figuring out the most efficient way to ship, the legal aspects and storage," Fuson said.

Making wholesale trips has made the process easier, Fuson said, as well as becoming a registered business.

"Becoming an official, legal business has opened a lot of doors for us for pop-up shops and events," she says. "The whole process has been a learning experience, but Elijah and I have worked together to continue to improve and grow."

Springfield Jeans now hosts several pop-up shops a semester, but Fuson hopes to eventually own a storefront business.

"I am going to school for fashion merchandise, Elijah is business, and we both would love to pursue Springy Jeans and opening a storefront," she said. "We both really value having a job that we love and enjoy doing, which for us is the vintage clothing and being our own bosses."

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/springyjeans.

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