Storage you can see can stimulate our innermost desire to be organized. I think many women would agree, clean lines with everything in its place --and even labeled -- is a dream.

But figuring out how to pull off the correct aesthetics of open storage can be challenging. It may even start by "Marie Kondoing" your life first.

In the kitchen, there's no need to completely gut and remodel. Simply removing cabinet doors and hardware and giving a fresh coat of paint will do the job. Choosing the color inside the cabinet depends on what is stored in it. To show off the color of your dishes, maybe choose a bright white or complementary fun color. To camouflage bulky things like pantry items or canned foods, black or gray might look better.

Open shelving gives the illusion of more space, higher ceilings and an overall bigger room. The concept can be used in any room in the house and beyond cabinets. Many homeowners are opting for floating shelves instead of boxy cabinets. Just be sure to reinforce the screws in the wall and choose a quality shelf that will hold weight. These shelves can be thin and modern, even glass, or thick and rustic with large sections of unfinished wood. 

Don't forget to organize and label. Open shelving will give you an excuse to use those chalkboard label jars you've been eyeballing at the craft store. 

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