The build-up of anticipation for Santa’s arrival can be stressful, for everyone. Maybe try a new tradition this year with a Christmas Eve box.

These special containers full of treats and surprises are given out the night before Christmas. Let this bright box be the prologue to a fun-filled morning.

Place your festive treats in a wooden box, traditional stocking, pillowcase, wicker basket or an eco-friendly reusable personalized box to use year after year. Change the container up each time, order a personalized box or make your own – there is no wrong way, and it just depends on your budget. You will grow to love and anticipate this tradition.

Make a box for your kids, spouse, pets, partner, roommate or all of the above. Depending on how much work you want to put in, customize each box to fit the interests of each person (or pet).

The best part of a tradition like this is you can get as creative or as intricate or as simple as you want when it comes to choosing the contents of your box. A few quick examples might include Christmas books or DVDs, slippers, holiday pajamas or coffee mugs.

Here are a few sample Christmas Eve box ideas for the special people (or pets) in your life:

Dog box:

A wooden crate filled with treats (rawhide bones or pig ears remain popular among the canine crowd), homemade dog treats, chew toys, tennis balls and rope toys for tug-o-war is sure to impress your furry companion.

Baby box:

Even though babies won’t yet grasp the concept of Christmas, have fun and fill a cute wicker basket with teething toys, pacifiers, festive onesies and socks, small packs of diapers or wipes, interactive holiday-themed baby books and maybe a fleece blanket.

Toddler and big kid boxes:

Personalize a wooden box and fill it with Christmas books or DVDs, dinosaur slippers, themed pajamas, toy cars, animal figurines, Play-Doh, packages of fruit snacks, puzzles and coloring books.

Wife box:

Fill an eco-friendly box or recycled crate with a bottle of wine, book, a small Christmas plant, hot cocoa mix, a mug, scented bath salts, face masks, body sprays, candles and chocolate.

Husband box:

The man in your life may enjoy a crate filled with a bottle of wine or whiskey, a hardware store gift card, his favorite DVD, chocolate, tools, body wash, candy and hot chocolate.