Plaid is one of those trends that’s never truly gone away. Designers have taken liberty with the tartan, which dates back to the Scottish Highlands of the 14th century, and made it a part of everyday fashion. The print is so versatile that grunge, preppy and punk wardrobes all have adopted it in one way or another.

For the last few years, buffalo plaid (red and black) has ruled all things clothing, earrings, purses and home décor. It’s made a big statement with Christmas décor coupled with rustic touches like campers and old trucks. Its most popular use is as an accent, something to add that pop color or fun.

But buffalo plaid isn’t going anywhere. It has morphed into pairings with animal prints and stripes. Mixing bold patterns is just another trend to have a stronger presence in 2020.

Plaid in general, however, is going to be much more than an accessory. Grays, blues and vintage-inspired plaids are taking center stage as coats, pants and tops.

This year, however, you might start seeing other varieties becoming staples and in every facet of wardrobes, from peacoats and purses to earrings, pants and shirts.