Inhale and exhale.

A new group is working to bring more opportunities to practice yoga to the St. Joseph community, while highlighting outdoor spaces in the city.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Yogis consists of four new instructors with a desire to share the activity in a welcoming, natural environment. Abby Dennis said that after receiving their RYT 200 training together, the women decided to take get some hands-on experience to enhance their teaching abilities.

“We had brainstormed how we could do that,” Dennis said. “One of us had had the idea to use our parks, because we have such awesome outdoor spaces to offer in St. Joe, as an opportunity to teach yoga make it more welcoming, and less intimidating atmosphere.”

For fellow instructor and health care worker, Stacie Biller, the benefits of combining nature and yoga is something she wants to share with the community.

“I got into yoga for the health benefits, not only for myself, but also patients,” Biller said. “I did find that it was a very nice, stress-reducing activity, and there were health benefits of doing something for myself. Then eventually after I started doing it, I knew that I could carry it out to the patients that I see.”

The group practices Hatha Yoga which focuses on alignment in the mind body and spirit. The classes are created to be approachable to all yogi levels, and is free to attend, though donations are accepted which go back to the parks where the group practices.

“Our vision is to, if we collect any donations, that they’ll go back to the park system when we're done,” Biller said. “So it's, again, a kind of a win-win for the park and the community.”

As the colder weather approaches, the group is hoping to find an indoor venue to continue providing an approachable yoga environment.

“We're exploring some options; we're hoping we can find someplace indoors so we can keep it low or no cost to ourselves and to those that want to join us,” Dennis said. “So if there's any opportunities out there, we'd be interested in hearing about those spaces.”

You can find the group on facebook at Sisterhood of the Traveling Yogis, where they post schedules and updates about the group.

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