This month's cover girl was quite at home for our photo shoot – literally.

Laura Schreiber works for the specialty plant at Altec Industries, but her family owns, operates and makes the wine at Tipple Hill Winery & Vineyard in Easton, Missouri.

“I grew up a farmer's daughter in Easton,” Schreiber says. But she likes the fast-pace job (at Altec) that keeps her busy and the fun atmosphere.

In 2010, she says her mom, Roxyann Schreiber, decided to follow her dream of opening a winery and planting a vineyard on their land on U.S. Highway 36. Just two years later, the Schreiber family opened the tasting room with her brother, Daniel McLaughlin, as the winemaker.

“I love how it brought our family together,” Schreiber says. “It's nice to always have a spot to enjoy time with my family.”

On the weekends, Schreiber says she spends most of her time “socializing” with friends but enjoys baking.

“It's relaxing and I get to eat the finished product,” she says.

She also likes to go to Kansas City Royals and Chiefs games and travel with her family when she can.