The basics for a grilled cheese sandwich are simple: bread, butter, cheese. But to make an epic grilled cheese, there are some small changes that will make this easy entree anything but boring.

-- While any bread will do, kick it up a notch with crusty whole-grain or sourdough.

-- Use the good cheese. No, not the stuff you can't pronounce to impress your boss at a dinner party. Go for a good provolone, Gouda or a mix or your favorites. The best, however, is a quality sharp cheese that you grate yourself. Cheese that comes grated in a bag has a light starch coating on it, which makes it a little difficult to melt.

-- Be generous with the butter. You can always melt the butter in a hot pan but you'll get a golden, crispy finish on your bread by spreading the butter directly on it.

-- Cover your sandwich while it cooks. This method will trap the heat and ensure your cheese is cooked thoroughly.