Besides the gown, many bride’s consider floral arrangements to be an essential part of their big day.

“Roses are always the number one choice for brides,” said Michelle Leimbach, owner of Butchart Flowers and Gifts.

There are traditional standard rose bouquets in several colors, but the familiar blooms come in other varieties, too from sweetheart roses and spray roses to garden roses.

“(Roses) are just very romantic and symbolize passionate love,” Leimbach said.

The local florist shop has two designers, Mimai Butchart and Cindy Threlkeld, with nearly 50 years of experience between them.

Trends come and go, but Leimbach said the traditional rose is still a big request. Other flowers like hydrangea, calla lily and peonies are popular, too.

Area wedding planners suggest popular wedding colors for 2020 will include icy blue and hot pink, purple and pink, lavender and light blue and blush and gray.

Yet bouquets full of greenery have taken center stage at many ceremonies.

“The trend now, (bride’s) would like a lot more greenery … different kinds, different textures and they are really pretty,” Leimbach said.t

Because bohemian-style weddings are all the rage, bouquets and arrangements with more green fit the atmosphere.

Leimbach said dusty miller and eucalyptus are top picks.

Once the big day arrives, Leimbach encourages people to care for their flowers.

“They need to keep them cool prior to the wedding,” she said. “That’s important. If it’s really, really hot, it could hurt the flowers. If we have an event, we wait right before the event to design and (take them out of cooler temperatures). We want the flowers to be as fresh as possible.”

If you are looking to save your flowers well after the wedding, you could rubber band the stems and hang them upside down in a room with dry air. Leimbach said some flowers do not dry well, but this technique is worth a try. Results can vary.