The color red is often associated with things like love, energy, fire and passion. It’s also great for decorating a room, if done the right way.

Amy Redman, an interior designer for Redman Design in Maysville, Missouri, says she uses a lot of red with clients.

“Some people think you need a little bit of red in every room. It goes with every color. It almost acts a neutral,” she says.

Reds can look good with unexpected colors. Redman says her favorite colors to pair with red are turquoise blues and greens, which some people may associate with Christmas.

“People think that, but when you actually use it in a room it doesn’t come off that way. During the Christmas season, it might fit perfect with your decor, but really in everyday life it’s just a great color combination,” she says.

While red is a great color, it can be overpowering, especially on walls.

Justin May, a sales associate at Heartland Paint, says he doesn’t sell a lot of red paint. He says when people do want to paint something red, it’s usually an exterior door or some sort of furniture.

“When you’re driving down the road and you see the house that has that red door, they (customers) love that,” May says.

Both May and Redman say painting one wall red also is a popular option.

Redman says as burgundy shades become more popular in the world of fashion, she expects to see them more in homes, too.

“If you think it’s too overpowering on the wall you can always just use it as an accent like maybe a cabinet or a throw pillow, something like that. It just adds a little energy to a room,” Redman says.