The right makeup on your wedding day is key. Not only do you want to look your best for family and friends but for pictures, too.

In order to start your big day off on the right foot, plan and prepare. Get regular facials months ahead of time to rejuvenate your skin and get it in the best shape for makeup application. Don’t forget to moisturize daily. A well-hydrated face will look radiant and flawless.

If a professional is handling your makeup, make an appointment beforehand for a few practice runs.

During this time, be ready to discuss every detail from skincare and style to coverage and long-lasting products. You don’t want new products to break you out or come off before you’ve even left the church.

Keep in mind, your wedding should be timeless. It’s best not to experiment with that new turquoise you’ve been seeing on Instagram but aren’t sure if it’s you. Stick with the colors that you are comfortable with and just kick them up a notch.

On the day of the wedding, allow plenty of time for makeup. While it may only take you 30 minutes at home, it’s going to take longer for your wedding.

Make sure and use an eyeshadow primer and a foundation primer and long-lasting foundation. This doesn’t mean caked-on layers. It means find a quality product that is lightweight, feels good and does the job.

The best advice for extended wear of eyeshadows, highlighters, blush, powders and even lipstick is light layers. And pressing the powder onto the skin to create a more concentrated pigment then blending is best. For lips, apply a lip liner, lipstick and then blot. Reapply the lipstick and blot a couple of more times to give a solid layer of color.

Mascara is key. Waterproof mascara is crucial.

While black eyeliner may be your go-to look, consider lightening it for the big day. Try using charcoal gray, navy blue or dark plums or maroons. That pre-appointment with the makeup artist is the perfect time to test it out.