This book is no secret — being a New York Times Best Seller — but for anyone who hasn’t already read it, I’d recommend “Educated” by Tara Westover. It’s a memoir in which 30-something Westover shares her experience growing up in an isolated survivalist family in the mountains of Idaho before ultimately going on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University. This is obviously no small feat for anyone but is especially impressive for someone who was trained to distrust the outside world and had no formal education before age 17.

- Erin Wisdom

"Good Girls" is the latest show that has me hooked. It focuses on three suburban moms who rob a grocery store and find themselves in a rabbit hole of trouble from there. The show has me on the edge of my seat, feeling just as anxious as the characters at times -- but also provides some laughs. It airs Sundays on NBC, but you also can find it on Hulu or Netflix.

- Meagan Miller