PetCakes helps make your pet's birthday special. The U.S.-based company creates mixes out of organic ingredients for both dogs and cats.

The treats bake in the microwave in less than three minutes.

I made the carob mix with yogurt frosting for my dog and she ate it up — literally. You can buy the bone baking pans (or fish-shaped for cats) at pet stores or at

The kit I used was the "Party to Go" pack and came with one bone-shaped pan, one package of mix, one package of yogurt frosting and one candle. I'm saving the pan for next year and plan to get a mix refill. Other flavors include spice mix, pizza and three cheese. Flavors for cats are turkey and cheese nip.

- Lisa Horn

I’ve been using Nature’s Sunshine Love and Peas protein powder to incorporate more protein into my diet. I just pour a couple scoops into a glass of water and it tastes pretty good just like that.

It’s gluten-free, dairy free and vegan certified in case you have any food allergies or sensitivities. It’s great for adding into smoothies, pancakes or even coffee!

- Emily Gummelt