Moisturizers matter

I've been using Neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer before bed and in the mornings. It's not as expensive as many moisturizers on the market, it smells good, it provides sun protection and makes my face feel better right after using my facial scrub.

-Emily Gummelt

I was invited to a Norwex party by my niece. I hate product parties. Games are played, spiels are presented and then I’m expected to purchase some overpriced whatever that I really don’t need. Of course I had to go. Norwex is a home-based business that individuals can sell and whose mission is “to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.” I’m not that opposed to chemicals and I like the smell of cleaning fluids, but I was amazed when the Norwex representative smeared butter all over a fairly large mirror and then proceeded to use only a dampened cloth to remove it and then a dry cloth to shine the mirror leaving no streaks or residue. I have never seen anything clean glass like those two pieces of material. The more I learned about the different products being demonstrated, the more I knew I had to own a number of the them. The products aren’t cheap, but they replace chemical cleaners, last long and actually work. By the end of the party I wanted so many products it was difficult to choose. Over time I have purchased most of the items I want, have tossed most of my cleaning chemicals, and though I don’t want to sell Norwex, I promote it avidly.

- Jackie Dix