The weather outside is frightful, and it can wreak havoc on your skin if you aren’t careful. The biting wind and bitter cold can make our faces less agreeable when it comes to wearing makeup during the winter.

Lyndsay Thurn, owner of Lyndsay L. Salon, says the key to great makeup in winter is keeping your face moisturized.

“If not, your foundation can look caked or flakey due to your dry skin,” she says. “Make sure to use a good moisturizer at night and prime your face before makeup application.”

Patrick Hall, a stylist at Bliss Salon, agrees with the importance of good skin care.

“Use a good cleanser, a good toner, and more intense moisturizer, because we are in dry heat in houses and cars, and skin may feel more dry,” he says.

Hall recommends Dermalogica products, which are sold at Ulta.

Once you have a good base in skin care, adjust your color palette for the winter season.

“Typically you would want to go a little lighter on foundation and more hydration,” Thurn says. “I use Mirabella invincible anti-aging foundation. It has the right amount of moisture for my face. Using more bold lipsticks and darker tones will pop with your lighter winter skin. No light pink or peach.”

Although it’s winter, don’t forget to factor in sunscreen with your moisturizer. Sun damage is a year-round issue. You want to protect your skin all year so it looks good no matter what color you put on it.