Exercise and physical activity should be a year-round habit and routine, said Laurie Shadwick, a personal trainer.

“Depending on where you live, getting adequate amounts of movement during the cold months can be tricky,” she said.

If the weather has turned cold, there are several things to consider if your preference is to exercise outside.

Shadwick recommends dressing in layers, but extremities can often be overlooked. Wearing gloves that shield the wet moisture and covering your feet with warm socks and waterproof footwear are best. Face shields have become popular and will protect from sun and wind.

During inclement weather, exercising outdoors may take a little more preparation.

“Because of dangerous ice and snow, it may be more ideal to find a local gym or fitness center that provides an indoor track for runners,” Shadwick said. “To be safe, always check the local weather conditions and know current temperatures.”

Most health and fitness facilities offer a variety of classes, indoors. Yoga, strength training, tai chi, martial arts, Zumba, boxing, spinning, swimming and boot camp are some of the different classes offered at local facilities.

“It’s important to keep the body moving and flexible year-round and winter is a perfect time to expand your exercise horizons,” she said.