Having a theme for your wedding can be a lot of fun.

For Joey and Marlena Shofler, after nine years of dating they decided to just go for it. The Fourth of July has always been a huge day for them. She said the couple goes all out, so why not include their nuptials as another thing to celebrate with family and friends.

“I love having our anniversary on the Fourth,” she said. “Our gift to each other each year is one each of those big firework cakes. One for him that he picked for me and vice versa. Also, he can never forget the date since it is our favorite holiday.”

The Shoflers incorporated the holiday in both their ceremony and reception. Everything was red, white and blue, from the dress to the décor.

“The theme was incorporated into everything I could imagine,” she said. “My bouquet was made of every red, white and blue brooch I could fine.”

Her oldest daughter gave her away at the sparkler altar, and her youngest was their flower girl. The groom was able to be comfortable in jeans due to the nature of the theme without looking forced.

“Our reception was a regular old firework get together,” she said.

Shofler said she would encourage other couple’s looking to do a themed wedding to make it about them as a couple.

But she also warned that having a wedding on a holiday could mean that guests can’t make it because of prior traditions and celebrations they normally attend.

Charisse Hewins and Scott Deschenes picked their wedding date for that exact purpose.

The couple decided on a Christmas wedding so that family could attend. Most would be home for the holidays anyway. 

"We are a very close family and it was important that the cousins that lived in Phoenix could be 'home'," said Kay Hewins, Charisse's mother. 

The couple also lived in Seattle, Washington. Their ceremony was at the First Baptist Church in Wathena, Kansas on Dec. 28, 2003. The reception was at Stoney Creek in St. Joseph, the first year it opened.