Wearing the same color from top to bottom can sound tricky but it doesn’t have to be. With bold colors like pinks, blues or greens, variations of the hue work best. But when it comes to white, well, it’s pretty simple.

Fashion expert Naomi Berg said the key is to mix it up by using textures, patterns and styles.

“Don’t pair a solid top and a solid pant,” she said. “Instead, match a sheer top with a solid pant or a solid top and a herringbone-pattern pant.”

Once you get the hang of it, mixing and matching is easy. Berg said another important tip is to be aware of the tone of the white.

Not every white is bright white. In fact, there are several different shades of white from bright white, cream and off white to linen and pearl.

Wearing white on white is a bold and sophisticated statement. The clean look allows for a lot of options as far as accessorizing.

Berg said nude shoes are the best, as to accent the white, but a pop of color works, too. Add on’s like a scarf or statement necklaces and earrings pair well with the white.

- Clothing from J.C. Penny and the Hillcrest Thrift Shoppe.

- Special thanks to Erik Borger, owner of Ostrea Oyster Bar, for allowing us to use his restaurant for the photo shoot.

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