As the cold weather sets in, it makes sense to layer. But doing so doesn't mean you have to look bulky.

In fact, layering is a popular trend that started last year in the Fall. The good news is there are ingenious ways to not only stay warm but be fashionable, too. The key is to have fresh combinations in your wardrobe that are interchangeable and timeless.

A few key pieces would be the popular flannel shirt, cardigans, vests and t-shirts.

“It just needs to be casual,” says Kelly Dahl, owner of Wild Layne Boutique.

Dahl encourages women to not overthink the art of layering. Just grab those basic pieces and, well, layer them.

Because the added layers will create warmth, don't hesitate to start with a basic tee in the middle of January. Just add a flannel, buttoned or unbuttoned, and then top with a cute vest.

Dahl says women shouldn't be afraid to mix and match patterns and prints, too. There's a nuance about marrying them together that creates a fun, eclectic look.