During these early autumn months, many of us wake up to a crispness in the air that can quickly transition to a sweltering heat by mid-afternoon. These ever-changing temperatures can make finding clothing that is both stylish and comfortable a challenge throughout September and October.

Jill Martin, owner of the recently opened Plato’s Closet in St. Joseph, spoke with Josephine about how to be fashionable and cozy as the fall months take over.

Martin says layering is essential when it comes to adapting with the daily roller coaster of temperatures.

“Right now, denim jackets are coming back in,” Martin said. “Having jackets just as an extra on the outfits for in the morning when it is cold and in the afternoon it’s hot and when it gets cold again in the evening, it’s just something that can complete your outfit.”

Martin also said long sleeves, especially flannels, will be making their usual appearance during the fall season. Distressed denim jeans also are a staple of a simple, comfortable outfit to wear while exploring pumpkin patches and orchards.

For business-wear, Martin said she is seeing a trend in neutral colors and ankle-length boots.

“Olive green and the beige pants are selling, not so much the bright neon colors anymore,” Martin said. “Those are selling well with jackets and then booties for shoes.”

Martin said fall fashionistas also should be on the lookout for jumpsuits, fanny packs and scrunchies as the nostalgia of the '90s seems to be coming back into style.