While neutrals are always a safe bet when painting the exterior of your home, don't be afraid of color. There are a lot of beautiful, bold color schemes to choose from.

“Homeowners have been asking to look at different colors than I've painted before,” said Chris Burnten, a St. Joseph painter. “I'm all about new colors. I think it's fun to take on a project that is a little outside of the norm.”

Burnten says do-it-yourself shows on popular home-improvement television shoWs, Pinterest and vacations often inspire local customers into light blue versus taupe.

The 30-year paint veteran says he has more customers coming to him with pictures they've taken on vacations or screenshots from their “Pins.”

“I am always open to whatever they have in mind, but if it's really over the top I try to steer them in a direction that might actually be the look they are going for,” he said.

For example, he had a customer who wanted teal with white trim and a pink door. Burnten says the couple didn't truly realize that teal has many different hues and what they envisioned isn't actually teal at all. After some consulting, the homeowners wound up with a gorgeous light blue-gray home with a medium peach front door. The results, Burnten says, were pretty spectacular.

Most homeowners have free reign with outside paint colors, but Burnten warns to check with any homeowners association before starting the project.

For most homeowners, a bold front door is just enough of a change to brighten up their property. But there are some great ways to incorporate bold color combinations to enhance the space, too.