This year I wanted to do something different when decorating my Christmas tree. I started skimming through my Pinterest account, Good Housekeeping magazine, Country Living magazine and even Amazon Prime.

I compiled a list of my favorite unique tree toppers in case you, too, are looking for some fresh ideas for that signature piece.

Scrappy star

My first favorite can be referred to as the “scrappy star.” You probably already have an accumulating pile of leftover paper scraps post-present-wrapping. Roll up eight pieces of scrap paper and use tape to keep them rolled. Create X’s using hot glue to fasten the pieces together. Hot glue a glittered ornament to the middle, and you’re done.

The burlap bow

This tree topper idea actually was an item listed under the “wedding decorations” category on Amazon. But, I couldn’t resist. While this item easily can be purchased, if you’re looking to create one, I found a great step-by-step tutorial at thistlewoodfarms.com.

A monogram

I liked this idea because it’s simple, and sometimes simple concepts are the coolest. The photo I found showed a golden balloon in the shape of an “L” tied to the top of the tree. Any color would work, and the letter could be your surname’s initial.

A birdhouse

Yes, this sounds odd, but the picture I found looked neat. You just have to make sure it’s not too heavy. Find one you can paint to look like a barn, or even just typical Christmas colors or snowman colors. This idea leaves the decorator with so many different options.