It sits alone in its grandeur. No others in the room compare. All eyes are drawn to it. It's an orphan chair.

Popping up all over Pinterest and the internet are people revamping and “upcycling” a single chair to really draw eyes in their rooms.

Repurposed furniture is not new, but the idea of creating a focal point in the room with a single chair is becoming more popular in the world of room décor.

After speaking with Angela Harris-Spurlock, owner of Backroad Atlas in Atchison, Kansas, it's easy to see how a room can be transformed by one dramatically designed or simply beautiful piece of furniture.

“You've got to give them personality,” she said. “Or else they look like clutter.”

Showing several chairs that have come her way for repainting or repair, Harris-Spurlock explains how inspiration can be gained from finding a piece with good bones and recreating it with some pizzaz.

One chair she repurposed has a small cushion seat with a bright, flowery pattern. 

“This one didn't match anything so we painted it white,” Spurlock said. The chair is white and diminutive. “But she's by herself so she'd have to be sitting in a bedroom or a living room as a focal point.”

Many interested in salvaging parts of chairs and creating something new can find hints and tips on how to do so by searching on Pinterest or other DIY websites.

If interested in searching for your own piece, Harris-Spurlock says her store has new inventory all the time and will work with a customer to create something special.

“And I've been talking a lot of people who want to find a single chair so we can paint it and make it the inspiration piece for the room. Then we match the comforter to it and everything.”

Creating the pieces comes from finding something already built and making it what you want.

“It's just sort of an imagination thing,” Harris-Spurlock said. “You can always make them vanity chairs or desk chairs.”

Her biggest tip about finding the right orphan chair base to work with is to search sidewalks next to the curb. Sometimes people will be cleaning out a house and have one or two chairs that don't match anything.

“They won't know what to do with it,” she said. “Maybe it needs a little glue or a seat change, and all of the sudden you've got something of beauty. Give it new life."