It's the season of sunscreen, mosquitos, frozen cocktails, cookouts and evening swims. For all of your summer adventures, you'll want your outdoor space to be as cozy as possible.

Jamie Nold, owner of Jamie's Secret Garden, shares a few fun ways to add lighting to decks and outdoor spaces.

Incorporate lanterns and artificial candles on a porch, Nold suggests. Her store carries a set of outdoor plastic candles with timers, for example.

"You want to go big," she notes. Big candles and other accessories help large trees not to overpower outdoor decorations.

Twinkle lights that run off batteries are popular. Some tiny lights can be submerged in water. Bird baths, fountains or barrels make nice containers for them. A barrel can give the illusion of an artificial pond on the back patio.

A galvanized tub with little lights, rocks and floating porcelain ducks would be a fun way to bring the farmhouse look into your space, Nold suggests.

For a centerpiece idea, find any type of glass bowl to submerge lights in.

"The more ambient lighting, the more romantic the place seems," she says.

She suggests dividing a yard into zones (one for eating, one for socializing etc.) "Try to expand your indoor living space by taking it outside," she says. "It's like a big house outside."

Using color is probably the easiest way to zone different areas of your outdoor space. Pillows, plants and afghans are great tools that provide different textures and a layered look. An indoor and outdoor rug helps to anchor that look.

For a large yard, when adding color, picture road signs (red, orange and yellow). These eye-catching colors will make your design pop.

Lastly, don't be intimidated by your space. You're almost trying to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor.