As spring and summer collide, many of us are ready to embrace the change and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a fun time to switch up the home décor and bring a little bit of that sunshine and comfort inside.

Cris Coffman has been doing just that.

Coffman, who owns Nesting Goods in Downtown St. Joseph with her husband, Todd, painted a few areas of their store to help customers imagine rooms in their own homes. They chose gray and bright green, both of which can be neutrals to add pops of color that can represent summertime.

“The whole point of me doing those rooms is to show people how to maintain a neutral palette (on the walls) if you prefer that but introduce a pop of color,” Cris Coffman said. “The thing about that room is you would replace that green with any color, a neutral palette will go with anything. You can switch out your pastels to brighter colors easily.”

She said we’ve spent all winter longing for the green that comes with spring and summer, and green “is” a neutral background.

“Year round, it’s important to have those (greenery) elements in your home,” Coffman said. “I think it’s always nice to have flowers.”

As for décor accessories, she said she is loving the trend right now with really well-done fake fruits. Lemons have been popular for a while and yellow is such a sunshine color.

“It’s so easy to add in to,” she said. "That pop of yellow, the lemon, that reminds you of summertime lemonade and sunshine allows you to add without changing the whole room. It’s something that is a beautiful pop of color, it’s a classic piece.”

Bees are also really popular in spring and summer. Nesting Goods has some really beautiful bee home décor in the store right now, too.

Like bees, bunnies are just a nice reminder of the outdoors and there’s an abundance of bunny pillows, bunny vases and bunny statues, too.

“For me, in the summertime, we have been stuck inside all winter long, the summer you really want to enjoy the outdoors,” Coffman said. “You want to make your home a little more casual and comfortable.”

By easy, she means simple décor and pillows or furniture covers that can be taken off and washed with ease.

“Go from the outside and make it easy on yourself to keep clean,” she added.

Other things she thinks about in the summertime is that people tend to lighten up their space around windows, maybe adding sheer curtains or lighter curtains to allow windows to be open.