There’s nothing better than receiving a holiday card from a friend or loved one in the mail. It makes trips to the mail box better. Many people place the cards on their fireplace mantel, coffee tables or refrigerator, but how about something new this year?

• An easy display idea is to tape each card to

the trim of a large doorway or entryway of

the home.

• If the refrigerator is still the best place for

displays, add a long strip of festive ribbon

vertically down the appliance and stick the

cards on the ribbon. it will be easier to

remove later and adds a fun pop of color.

This could also be done on kitchen cabinets.

• Bolster an elaborate stairway railing and use

clothespins or ribbon to attach the cards

along garland for a creative way to add a

spruce of greenery.

• Use a blank wall to create an impromptu

Christmas tree by placing the cards directly

on the wall in the shape of a tree. Start at the

top with just one card, then two cards for the

second layer and so on and so forth. It can be

fun to watch the tree grow as the mail arrives.

• Incorporate the cards into the Christmas tree.

While the cards should sit nicely among the

stems, a hole punch and ribbon could make

sure they won’t fall.