Creating a wall grouping of your favorite photos and artwork can seem like a daunting task. While there are no rules to hanging your pieces, Deborah Hess said there is art form to it.

“The good news is that gallery walls are growing in popularity and so is eclectic style,” she said.

Hess, who doubles as a photographer and interior designer, said the groupings don’t need to be perfect, but there should always be a method to the madness.

“I prefer a cohesive yet cluttered look,” she said. “I hang my pieces only about 1 inch to 1½ inches apart from the next piece. And I use a lot of pieces to cover entire walls.”

This look doesn’t always work on every wall and in every home. Hess said it can begin to look unintentional if it’s done throughout an entire home.

She suggests picking certain areas of the home, especially those with large walls. Once you know which art you want, lay it down on the floor and begin moving it around until you have the layout you’re looking for. Then, she said to take a picture with your phone to use for reference and measure the space of the entire ensemble.

As for frames, she feels color needs to reflect the home’s décor. This is where Hess said it’s all about personal preferences.

“I like to have a mix of colors and textures, but I have clients who like all one color,” she said. “To each their own.”

But be sure to mix and match sizes and shapes. Throwing in a circle mirror or frame is a fun way to break up traditional rectangle and square frames. Adding in an object such as a plant, or knickknack is creative, too.