Repurposed scarf:

• Extra long scarf

• Metal wire wreath

Pick a spot on your wire wreath to start. Begin with a knot and proceed to loop the scarf around and through the wire slots to create the design of your choosing. Once covered, simply tie another knot and tuck the excess inside the wreath or let it hang for a ribbon affect.

Greenery with a hint of snowflake:

• Plain wreath

• Assortment of snowflakes

• Glue gun

This is probably the easiest wreath of all time, but it has a whimsical look. Simply use your glue gun to attach your snowflakes to your wreath. Voila!

(Note: For some added fun, pick up some miniature trees from the local craft store and glue inside the center of the wreath for a cute winter scene.)

Frame and ribbon:

• Old picture frame (without glass)

• 1 can spray paint

• Decorative ribbon

• Variety of non-shattering ornaments

Clean your frame well before spray painting. Cut your ribbon at varying lengths. Attach one end of the ribbon to the ornament. Gather the ribbons, holding them up, and make sure they are at different lengths. Tie the loose ends together in a simple knot. Create a large bow out of ribbon and attach the cluster of ornaments to the bow. Using an over-the-door wreath holder, place your frame on the hook first then add the ribbon with ornaments.

Build a snowman: • 3 wreaths of different sizes (can be

green or white wreaths)

• Scarf

• 2 twigs to be used as arms

• Old hat

• Zip ties

Lay your wreaths on the floor, assembling them smallest to biggest to create your snowman. Use the zip ties to attach each wreath to the one below it. Tie the scarf around the neck. Hang the snowman by placing the top of the wreath on an over-the-door holder. Using zip ties, attach the twigs (arms) to the desired position of the body.