Greenery is taking center stage at weddings in both bouquets and centerpieces.

Eucalyptus makes up most of these arrangements, according to Kelly Briner, owner of The Blooming Branch in Savannah, Missouri.

Briner says she uses Silver Dollar Eucalyptus in particular.

"In fall, obviously, there will be some (brides) who want traditional flowers but pampas grass is really popular," she said.

At a recent wedding, Briner says the pampas grass was front and center at the altar. And in winter, it's pine cones and evergreen sprigs.

All the green is encompassing the end of the rustic, shabby chic era and on with the minimalist, modern-meets-vintage vibe that brides are looking for.

"Basically, girls are wanting a little bit of mercury glass (coupled with arrangements)," Briner says.

While there are plenty of barn weddings, couples are leaning away from Mason jar decor and incorporating modern touches.

Burgundy, blushes and blues are also a big request.

Briner says she uses burgundy with dahlias and a wine burgundy with scabiosa. For blush, there are roses, of course. Mother of pearl and garden roses add that pop of plush in simple and classy bouquets.

For that bit of blue, she uses blueberry thistles.

"It's really pretty and a good, unique combination," Briner says."It just depends on what they're asking for. The brides are all over Pinterest now."