Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb or the knack for creative floral arranging. But it doesn’t mean you can’t put together your own beautiful bouquets.

Bridget Younger says to think of arrangements in three steps. Pick you container, pick your flowers and use your eyes.

The St. Joseph hobby florist says arrangements can go in anything and not necessarily a vase. She often uses watering containers, large mason jars or old coffee tins.

“If you’re selecting fresh flowers from your garden, Hostas provide beautiful greenery,” Younger says. “Just remember to cut from as far down a possible to allow for plenty of wiggle room in the bouquet.”

Place the leaves in the container and allow to lay in a wide circle. Add in roses, lilac or other flowers in the middle. Remember to cut those stems at varying lengths to add dimension and height to the piece.

However, real flowers aren’t for everyone. If you are going the silk flower route, just remember to purchase the appropriate scissors to make cutting the artificial stems much easier. Younger says you’ll be happy you did.

The same rules apply to silk flowers. Trim floral stems at varying lengths. Younger suggest picking a stunning flower as a centerpiece. Add complimentary flowers around that center and then last, but not least, she says to pop in some accent greenery to help showcase the colors of the flowers and add volume. She prefers stiffer stems to make the top more robust and a few softer green pieces that drop down to a give a cascading look.

“For an added touch, tie a piece of ribbon or rope around the container,” Younger says.