The key to having your own dream closet is space and organization. While there are endless options for organizational tools available for traditional closets, options for larger closet spaces require more design work.

For starters, dedicate a space in your home for a closet. It can an extra bedroom, office space or a larger, unused hall closet. The space doesn't necessarily need to have a door. Some homeowners have chosen a side sitting room for their elaborate closet.

A few key features of a dream closet need to be a large mirror, bench or seating and racks for clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. If the room is large enough, an island similar to those in a kitchen is great for creating square cubbies for purses, shoes and accessories. The top of the island can be adorned with more accessories and even jewelry racks.

But the key to any good dream closet is organization. Remember to keep the items you wear most often accessible. While it may be aesthetically pleasing to put your hot pink pumps dead center on the shoe wall, if you only wear them once a year place them up higher.

Shelves, racks and cubes can be found at most home-improvement stores and area easy to assemble.

And don't forget to include a vanity for applying makeup and doing your hair.